Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

This Week was great! We finally got things worked out with Pilar and we are having his baptism this Saturday. Hopefully things work out with that. Its been raining on and off this past week, a heavy rain storm will come through then the next day it’ll be really hot. The temperature got up to a 100 a couple days ago. Cooking is good. Pancakes and other breakfast things I can do. But my companion still cooks the big things like big chickens or hamburgers. I think I’ll try making the hamburgers this week. It doesn’t look too hard. We had 4 investigators in the church, which was really good. We also had two sister missionaries visit the ward. They’ve been home from their missions for 4 years now. I wonder if I’ll ever come back here. It would be fun for sure. It stinks that the Patriots lost again to the Giants. I hate the Giants argh.

I’ll write a letter tonight talking more about the work. Love you mom thanks for everything. I feel your prayers everyday. 

Hey dad. Hope work is getting better and over all life.  My R`s are coming pretty good, they don’t roll R`s like we do come to find out a Latino is helping me out. He put a pencil in my mouth and told me to keep trying till I got it. So that’s what I do everyday for Spanish study. Speak Spanish with a pencil in my mouth haha.
I’m really excited about this week; I might get the chance to baptize Pilar. We’ll see. Its his choice after all. It’s too bad the patriots lost. I was hoping for some revenge.
All right love you dad. Hope Mitt and Chris are doing well with the elections keep me posted.

Hey Lauren I hope everything is going great. There are so many little girls here that are your age. Its crazy here because when they turn 15 they make it a really big deal. They throw parties and all of this other stuff its bigger than our 16. I sent you a letter that’s just for you it applies to whole family as well. tambien. Well Love you Lauren. Pray for you everyday.

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