Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

From: Chase Webster
Date: November 12, 2012 5:02:28 AM MST
To: Julie Webster
Subject: HOLA

Well it’s been a crazy week here with the Elections. Everyone here in Uruguay was talking about it. All of the Missionaries as well. Everyone here has CNN so of course everyone likes obama here. Tuesday night of the election I woke up in the middle of the night and I went and read my scriptures for a little bit. As I was reading I read a part about when they made the change from kings to judges. That it was better this way for the people to choose righteousness and that they should elect righteous leaders to help them live in rectitude. But that someday the people would choose to elect wicked judges to be their leaders. When I read that, I had a feeling that Obama won. And that America was heading in this direction. I felt that we as a family have to prepare for this time. And that I need to prepare myself. It always surprises me how the Book of Mormon was written for our day, and how I continually find inspiration for me.
I really think the Book of Mormon will be our latter-day liahona. That it will help us and guide us according to our faith. I’m glad you guys have a little more time to rest now.

This week we had ward conference, and leaders from the stake came to our little rama to talk to us. It was really neat to listen to their messages. It made me feel like I was in Utah again. I was really impressed by their knowledge. I’m glad the church can be the same around the world, with great leaders to help guide us. They talked a lot about the Plan of salvation and partaking of the sacrament every week. One thing they said that I really liked was that we go to church to learn how to be happy and to align our lives with the saviors, which will surely bring us happiness. I will write a letter about the things I learned. Our Investigator, John, went to church again this week. I enjoy seeing him because he has an attitude of wanting to change. I’m still really big on this, that if we come to the Lord with this attitude he will show us what we need to do to change.

Its really too bad about Mitt Romney, He’s still my hero

I celebrated Moms birthday by making cookies, I forgot my camera today so I’ll send the photos next week.

I`m glad Lauren is doing volleyball. I think it fits here body type. basketball really is way too much running and the coach’s aren’t the best in the world. I think volleyball will be better.  I’m sorry I didn’t give very good advise on this subject. I just prayed that you guys would make the best decision and I think you did.

1. What’s dad up to now? Steve?
2. How’s Laurens Spanish, she should practice for when I call on Christmas day.
3. How are you guys doing with reading and praying? I know it helps us if we do those small things.

Answers: Transfers are November 27th.
John is doing really great he has his baptismal date for the 24th of November. Dad’s Birthday woo woot. We are working pretty hard with him. With our other investigators it’s just hard for them to make the effort to go to church, because they live far away.

Thanks family. I hope all of you guys are doing well. I’ve been praying hard for you guys this week. I hope we will be strengthened for what’s ahead.

Love Elder Webster

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