Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hey Family,

This week was very good. We have found a lot of new people to teach. I’ve felt good about all of them. One of them is John. He came to church last Sunday. He had a good experience. John is 22 years old, and really wants to make some changes in his life. He has a baptismal date for the Nov. 24th. Dad’s birthday.

I think I’ll be leaving this area soon. I just hope I can help a few more people before that happens. This has been my favorite area so far. I really want to make a difference before I leave.

Yesterday I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting, I talked about repentance and change. I’m a big fan of saying that to people. I just said that I know Christ can help us change, through his atoning blood. The way that we can do this is through taking the sacrament every week. His sacrament really gives us strength that we need to make these changes. Every time we feel the spirit, it really shows a sign of repentance. We know that because that is one of the promises from the sacrament prayer. “That we may always have his spirit to be with us.” I just felt like I should tell those people how great this church is, that we do see modern day miracles and one of those miracles is seeing people change.

With Lauren, I’m not sure what to say. I know Tanner Atkin’s sister played basketball and volleyball. She didn’t play suva. With my opinion, I say just try out for basketball. So you can have more options when you get older. You are only a freshman after all. But I know things are a lot more competitive, I know you’ll make the right choice. Love you Lauren, good luck with which ever you choose

Questions: Please let me know how the elections play out.
Also, how things go with Lauren. I’ll pray for her. Whatever she chooses will be the best choice.

Answers: I did get your package. It was great. I loved the carmel and the New Mitt Romney power tie, haha. Thanks so much for that.

I want to apply to Dixie State, Snow College, BYU, I want to try to get to BYU someday, but I think I might have to get my grades better and go to a smaller school then transfer up. I also want to try to play football. I’m not sure...lots of dilemmas.

I love you family. Thanks for everything.

Here is a photo of my Red Mitt Romney Tie. Thanks so much for it. I feel very presidential.

How is Brian Scott Doing?  The mission has been praying and fasting for him. We hope to see him here very soon. We know with all of our faith together we can heal him and get him here to do the work he has foreordained to do.

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