Elder Webster

Elder Webster

Monday, July 8, 2013

JULY 8th

Hey family, how are you guys doing? I’m doing just fine here in Uruguay. Next week is transfers. I think we are expecting 50 new missionaries. I’ll be talking to you guys next Tuesday. I’m enjoying Artigas a lot. It rained a few times this week. It was super humid. I’m glad we live in St.George where it’s dry.

Gabriela is doing well. She always prays for protection for her and her family. She was actually in a car accident this last week. She said it was pretty scary for her. Everyone in her family is ok, but she said it really was an answer to her prayers. She also has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday. The only problem we have with Gabriela is that her parents don’t want to listen. We invite them, but they say they just aren’t that interested. We are working on them.

My companion is doing amazing. He came to the mission just super prepared. He was in the General Conference session where they made the new age change. He said that day changed his life. He immediately made the arrangements to serve a mission. He is part of the new wave of missionaries.

We met our new Mission President. He is awesome. Thomas Smith from California. He served his mission here about 33 years ago. He actually served in my very same area. The bishop’s wife is actually one of his converts. Pretty cool. He was super animated to be in Artigas again. He brought two kids with him, an 11 year old and a 16 year old. It’s awesome to see a family. He gave us a great talk. He talked about his conversion story. He also talked about how important it is to be a missionary right now. He said the apostles are more excited about missionary work that they can’t even sleep at night just thinking about what Heavenly Father is going to do next in this great work. He also talked about L. Tom. Perry saying; that 2013 will be a year always to be remembered in the church. Like the year 1820 when Joseph Smith had the first vision, or 1830 when the church was organized. He said 2013 will be the year looked back as the year that Heavenly Father quickened his work. It’s a very Exciting time to be a missionary. I feel pretty honored to be training one of these new generation missionaries.

The ward is doing well. Last week we organized the ward to go do visits to all of the less active members. It went pretty well, we had a great show up the next day at church. We are working a lot with our bishop right now.

Well, I’m loving the work. I feel like I need to do a lot more before I come home. Please pray for me that I can do the things that I was sent here to do.

I love you guys. I’m praying for all of you.

Love Elder Webster

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